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I AM Coach T Licensed and Reliable Business and Life Coach & Author.

I specialize in the areas of Business Development & Growth, Life Enpowerment, and Relationship Recovery

In my latest book “Not Your Average Jo”, I share Jo’s story with the world on the journeys of love and relationships, accomplishments, mistakes, fear, heartache, recovery, mercy, and much more. This story is for anyone that is going through a difficult time in your life and need to be reminded of the things that are most important and to be reminded of the bounds of grace that we all need each and every day on this journey called life. Go over to the “Books” link to purchase today! You don’t want to miss HIS-tory!
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I know the value and beauty of having a dynamic Business or Life Coach that will help you excel as an entrepreneur and excel in life! If you desire to take your business operations and life to the next level but unsure how or where to start…look no further

About Coach T

Hi there!  Welcome to the I.A.M. Coach T website!  I’m Coach T and I’m excited that you stopped in to learn more about me and the professional coaching services that I can offer you.

I’m a Master’s Level professional and currently pursuing my Doctoral studies in Leadership Counseling.  I have over 20 years of experience in coaching entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals on business development,  goal-setting and achievement, and having healed relationships.

Life Coaching may sound like a “catch-all” and leave you wondering “What’s the point” right?  Well to clear up the ambiguity, Life Coaching is just like a Fitness Coach, an Athletic Coach, or a Birth Coach or “Doula”.  We support you at different phases of your life that you desire or need improvement or advancement in.  An athletic team is only as good as the Coach.  An individual with a fit body is only as good as their Fitness Coach.  Catch my drift? 

As a Life Coach, not only have I taken the necessary steps to become licensed, I have walked in the shoes of needing help to recover areas of my life that I thought was lost.  Becoming a young widow changed the course of my life.  It gave me the drive and push I needed to help others win!  Want to hear more…check out my YouTube page or book your complimentary consultation today.

If you’re unsure about Life Coaching, click the link below for a consultation!  The worst thing that could happen is that you DON’T take action!  The best thing that could happen is that you decide that you want to excel and change the course of your life.

I.A.M. Coach T and I’m ready to be your Coach!


I can help you
using scientifically based tools.

Meet the Team

Attorney & Image Consultant Nikki Rachelle aka The Proper Diva

Nikki Rachelle aka “The Proper Diva” is one of I.A.M. Coach T’s highly sought-after Image and Brand consultants.  With a passion for Law and Fashion, the Proper Diva brings our clients an incredible mix of sophistication and excellence to getting their image AND brand in order.  The Proper Diva specializes in giving our clients the perfect professional makeover that takes their image and brand to the next level.

Power Coach & Publisher Joseph Pridgen

Joseph Pridgen aka The Power Coach is a Powerhouse at helping clients achieve their goals!  Whether you desire to become a certified life coach, publish a book, or increase your earning potential, Coach JP has a unique ability to pull greatness out of you!  As a Life Coach, best-selling author, and Publishing firm, Coach JP’s coaching style propels clients and their vision into a beautiful story.  Ready to write that best-selling book?  Look no further.  Ready to become a licensed Power Coach?  You’ve come to the right place at the right time!

You Are What You Think

Our brain is one of the most powerful muscles in our body!  Just like our arms, legs, or stomach muscles, if we don’t exercise them correctly, they become weakened and saggy overtime.  Our minds are no different.  If you do not exercise your brain and mind correctly, overtime, your thoughts will become saggy; meaning your thoughts will be negative, nonproductive, and toxic.  These elements will completely sabotage your dreams and aspirations.  You are what you think.  Investing in a qualified Coach and coaching team is just like your investment in your gym membership.  You want to have a sharp and fit mind and body.  With I.A.M. Coach T and her team, you will not only look and feel good outwardly, you will now have the inside to match!

Invest in yourself today with a Coaching team that’s invested in seeing you Healthy and Wealthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially!

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