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How You “Gone” Win When You Ain’t Right Within?Lauryn Hill “Do Wop”

This had to be one of the most profound lyrics of singer Lauryn Hill’s song “Doo Wop”.  I used to always sing the lyrics, but I don’t know if it resonated with as much then as it does now.  In 2020, the year of the pandemic, I have witnessed some of the most immature, selfish, and hateful conduct by adults than I’ve ever seen in life!  From the “Karen’s” that can’t seem to mind their own business and throw temper tantrums to the far-right Republican party alleging a plot fueled by the Democrats to steal the election, I have seen emotional “un-intelligence” at its finest.  For a long time, I’ve observed how the moral fiber of our nation has eroded over time.  I’ve seen some great Americans and non-Americans, but I have seen a great amount of inappropriate behavior perpetrated by people that has been deplorable.  This blog is not a lecture about who is doing what wrong or right, but a look into the importance of acting in integrity.

Ask yourself this question “If everyone in the world was JUST like you, what would the world be like”?  Believe it or not, I ask myself this question from time to time and actually think the world would be a very chill place if everyone was like me.  For starters, everyone would literally mind their own business and would only get involved in the affairs of others in a manner to help or support.  There wouldn’t be any thefts, robberies, or crime in general.  A few industries would probably struggle financially because no one would buy music or the latest technology.  I still use my iPhone 7 Plus.  Go figure.  What is the blog about?  Integrity, morals, and doing the right thing.

If you have heard of the word “Karma”, then you know that it’s a real thing.  Karma is an energy that sometimes operates like an extended or immediate boomerang.  The energy that you put out into the world is certain to return to you at some point.  It’s important to work at putting the good into the atmosphere so that the good will return.  This doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen to good and high-integrity people.  It means that you are certain to get the good returned to you if you make this a constant thing in your life.  Do you believe that your integrity could stand a boost?  Do you want to be a better person but feel that you’ve been pushed around and taken advantage of and you’ve taken on an “IDGAF” mentality?  Well, here are a few pointers on how you can boost your integrity and stretch your moral fiber:

  • Connect with a higher power. This oftentimes can center us and brings us a level of discipline to doing the right thing.
  • Act and behave as though your favorite person or someone you admire most is watching you.
  • Practice the gift of gratitude. Realize how blessed you are to be where you are in the moment.  Even if you are not where you desire to be in life, develop a sense of gratitude for the small things we sometimes take for granted.
  • Invest in self-help books that give tools on elevating your life from where you currently are.
  • Have meaningful conversations with loved ones when you see behavior demonstrated in your circle of family and friends.
  • Ask for feedback on how others perceive you. This is an eyeopener.
  • Self-check your conduct and behavior if you know that it’s offensive or negative. Ask yourself the tough questions of why you behave in a particular manner.
  • Repeat until being a person of high integrity becomes natural.

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