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Protecting Your Mental Health When Crisis Arise

What the world showed each of us in 2020 was what it feels like to have to shut down physically in order to protect our physical health, but nothing showed the world how to protect our mental health.  Having to isolate for months without knowing what to do or think placed a lot of our nation in a very scary and vulnerable position, to include those of us who coach and counsel other people.  The major concern was thinking about how we could help protect the minds and hearts of families and individuals who may already struggle with mental health needs.  How do we inspire and encourage people when faced with the unknown?  How do we encourage people who faced job loss, loss of a loved one, fear of becoming ill, fear of leaving their homes, fear of being confined to their homes where abuse and toxicity may await them?

Out of all of this, it boiled down to “how can we help people protect their mental health during this crucial and uncertain time”?  The unknown can be frightening.  Your current life circumstances can be completely overwhelming in this moment.  Having a healthy mindset and healthy state of thinking is imperative during a crisis.  It is during these times that we realize how strong and resilient we are.  Just like physical fitness, we don’t realize how much our physical training has paid off until we get ready to exert some form of strength over something more powerful than us.  Mental health is no different.  You have to train your brain and thoughts so that when crisis arise, you are equipped to manage the “current” until it passes over.

These tips are for ANYONE!  Making mental health and wealth a priority is something that we cannot compromise.  Our thoughts govern our conduct and behavior.  Everything that we do begins with a thought.  Learn now 5 essential tips to building, managing, and protecting your mental wealth and health:

Tip 1:  Identify an area in your life that you want to evolve, improve, or grow in.

Tip 2:  Think on positive affirmations in the area you identified daily.  Whatever positive words, readings, audio, etc. that has a positive impact on you, reaffirm it by speaking and meditating on it.  It doesn’t have to be long or drawn out.  Speak it even when it doesn’t look it’s shifting.

Tip 3:  Eliminate toxic and negative conduct and words that does not align with the positive affirmations.  Negative and positives cannot coexist.

Tip 4:  Journal your progress.  Journal your thoughts.  Journal what you expect to manifest.

Tip 5:  Be patient and gentle with yourself.  It’s ok to detach from people, places, or things that are not serving you.

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