I.A.M Coach T-Coaching, Consulting, & Training

Professional Coaching Services Provided

Professional Business Consultation

The “Get Clear” Business Consultation is formulated to give entrepreneurs and businesses the tools to start or grow their business operations.  During the consultation, your business plan will be thoroughly analyzed and strategy recommendation that will help center the individual on the next steps to take regarding their business operations.

Entrepreneur Coaching Session

The entrepreneur coaching sessions are conducted to provide support and alignment with entrepreneurs to shift their business vision and mission to greater heights to meet revenue and income goals.  For 4 session per month, the entrepreneur will receive the “Mental Wealth” journal and custom pen, meet with their selected professional coach, and design the business “life” they desire.  Your brand will be reviewed, and strategies developed to support YOU the entrepreneur in the best way of achieving your goals. 

Relationship Recovery Sessions

These sessions are provided in individual sessions with a licensed Life Coach to help you move forward from or through a challenging relationship.  This can be with a lover, family member, or any type of relationship someone could be recovering from.  The relationship recovery sessions offer the option for group and peer sessions when appropriate.

Goal Setting, Dream Building, & Accountability Coaching

These sessions specifically focus on helping clients remove procrastination and excuses to accomplishing their goals.  For 4 session per month, you will receive the “Mental Wealth” journal and custom pen, meet with your selected professional coach, and work on developing the master plan for goal setting and achievement.  Thes sessionsare our most popular as people literally began to see great results once they developed key tools and strategies and applied them consistently.  These sessions will be offered in individual and group settings.